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Randy D. Nichols


Randy D. Nichols: the McGyver of Communication

Randy D. Nichols's Bio:

Randy D. Nichols is a speaker, writer, and teacher of Communications and Composition at Limestone College, where he serves as chair of the Department of Communications.  Dr. Nichols is life-long learner and communicator who now learns alongside college students as they engage the ever-shifting literacies of our modern digital world. He has a passion for engaging communication issues with fellow-communicators in the workplace, community, and the classroom.


Randy D. Nichols's Experience:

  • Chair, Department of Communications at Limestone College

Randy D. Nichols's Education:

  • Clemson University

    Doctor of Philosophy
    Concentration: Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design

Randy D. Nichols's Interests & Activities:, Virtual Reality, Digital Literacies, Multimodal Composition, New Media Communication, Narratives Across Media, Enhanced Museology, Amusement Park RIdes

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