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Randy D. Nichols

Professor, Education

Randy D. Nichols: the McGyver

Randy D. Nichols's Bio:

Randy D. Nichols is a speaker, writer, and teacher of Communications and Composition at Limestone College, where he serves as chair of the Department of Communications.He also holds the PhD. in Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design from Clemson University, the M.A. in English Literature from Rutgers-Newark, and a B.A. in pastoral theology from Southeastern University.

He has worked as a teacher, course developer, consultant, imagineer, urban revitalization director, freight handler, writer, teacher, carpet cleaner, stock boy, maitre'd, conference speaker, and janitor... so far.

Randy D. Nichols's Experience:

  • Chair, Department of Communications at Limestone College

Randy D. Nichols's Education:

  • Clemson University

    Doctor of Philosophy
    Concentration: Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design

Randy D. Nichols's Interests & Activities:

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